Tournament Rules and Classes

RMAA 3D Rules

ASA scoring

All archers are required to know the rules that go along with their class.

       *An open class means you shoot what you bring.

       *A pins class means the sight on the bow has fixed pins that will not be moved at all during the competition.

*Within a 2’ radius of the stake

*We are willing to offer any of these classes in Unknown as long as there are a minimum of 3 archers that want to shoot the class.

*Pro shoot off for the top 5

*At the 4th 3D shoot off for Pro, Known 45, Senior Known 45, and Woman’s Known 40.

RMAA 3D classes

3D ClassesAge
Pro Open Unknown 50. 290
Pro Open Known 50. 290
Open Known 45. 280
Senior Open Known 45. 28050 & up
Young Adult Known 40. 28015-17
Women’s Open Known 40. 280
Women’s Pins Known 40. 280
Open Pins Known 40. 280
Senior Pins Known 40. 28050 & up
Youth Known 30. 26012-14
Traditional Unknown 30. 280
Eagle Known 25. 2309-11
Jr Eagle Known Where comfortable. 2206-8

RMAA Target Classes

Target ClassDefinition
AFBBAdult Female Barebow
AFBHFSAdult Female Bowhunter Freestyle
AFFSAdult Female Freestyle
AFFSLRAdult Female Freestyle Limited Recurve
AFTRADAdult Female Traditional
AMBBAdult Male Barebow
AMBHFEAdult Male Bowhunter Freestyle
AMFSAdult Male Freestyle
AMFSLRAdult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve
AMTRADAdult Male Traditional
CFFSCub Female Freestyle
CFFSLRCub Female Freestyle Limited Recurve
CMFSCub Male Freestyle
CMFSLRCub Female Freestyle Limited Recurve
PWFFSPeewee Female Freestyle
PWMFSPeewee Male Freestyle
SFFSBHFSSenior Female Freestyle and Bowhunter combined
SFTRADSenior Female Traditional
SMBHFSSenior Male Bowhunter Freestyle
SMFSSenior Male Freestyle
SMTRADSenior Male Traditional
SPROSenior Pro
SSMFSSilver Senior Male Freestyle
YAFFSYoung Adult Female Freestyle
YAFFSLRYoung Adult Female Freestyle Limited Recurve
YAMFSYoung Adult Male Freestyle
YAMFSLRYoung Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve
YFFSYouth Female Freestyle
YFFSLRYouth Male Freestyle Limited Recurve
YMFSYouth Male Freestyle

Field Tournament Rules